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Milestone Hotel | Kensington London

Hosted by Eshter Ibiza

During our stay in London we've met so many amazing people with different life stories who all shared one thing in common: sadness...

From the hair dresser in the neighborhood where we stayed to the older woman sitting on a bench next to the St Mary Abbots Church and all the other lovely people who were openly sharing their issues with me. They all still seemed very effected by the Covid Pandemic...

They shared with me how much the city and its dynamics has changed and how challenging their lives have become ever since. Some of them still cope with financial issues, whereas others continue to deal with health problems and grief over the loss of a beloved one. This sadness made me contemplate how many people deal with grief and never really get to heal from that, because it's such a personal journey that sometimes can take a whole lifetime.

As Father's Day is coming up on Sunday June 16th, this reminded me of the grief I've had to deal with over the death of my own father and the journey I've been on ever since that day. I felt this could be a great moment to connect with people who've also lost a parent or another loved one, who feel they don't have someone to share their feelings with.

"Losing a loved one is difficult, whether this is a family member or someone else very close to you, it always leaves a mark and is something you need to heal from. We do this in different ways of course, but over the years I've come to understand that we all learn from it and grow as a person because of that loss. "

Afternoon Tea

To remind myself and inspire others how wonderful life is and what opportunities you can find in that loss, I've decided to host a special Afternoon Tea at the Milestone Hotel in Kensington London on that Sunday June 16th.