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7 Exclusive Rooftop Sessions by Esther this summer 2024 on Ibiza

7 Exclusive Rooftop Sessions by Esther this summer 2024 on Ibiza

As I've shared in my previous blogpost there are many people I've met over the years who have come to Ibiza because they're on a search and believe the island is the place to help them find the answers they're looking for. Not everyone is aware of this search when they get to the island, but quickly find out there's something magical about Ibiza that can help you on your journey in life.

Each and everyone who comes here and dives into this self discovery journey has a story to tell and that's what I would love to hear from you. My own Ibiza journey has been the inspiration for my book "Issues & Tissues", which is really designed for people who could benefit from some guidance in finding their purpose and need help with designing their dreamlife.

I've decided to give away 7 copies of my book this summer to the people on Ibiza who feel they could benefit from my experience and who would be open to share their journey via a special rooftop coaching session. 

These exclusive coaching sessions will be recorded on video and will consist of the following 3 steps:


We will start the 1 hour session with a  slow introduction to the dreamlife you're hoping to create by listening to a special meditation that I prepared for what I call a "Wellbeing Experience". 

During this experience you will get the chance to really have a look at your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, so that you will feel inspired to take the next steps for living your dreamlife.


After the meditation you will get an exclusive coaching session of 30 minutes where you get to express everything that you've experienced on your journey through the book and get some insider tips & advice from me on how to stay on your "Golden Path".


The last part of the session is designed to recharge your batteries with positive energy, for which I have created a special audio mood booster. This will help you stay focused on what matters most to you in your life, so that you can start living your dreamlife.

To be selected for the rooftop sessions, you would only need to reach out to the Esther Ibiza Dream Team via email and share a short back story on why you would like to receive a free copy of the book and share your journey on camera during one of the sessions.

Hope to connect with you sometime this summer on the magical island!



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