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Is a virtual hug enough for you to connect with someone?

Is a virtual hug enough for you to connect with someone?

Even in the most uplifting environments that I've come across online, there never seems to be room for a real connection in my opinion. The love and support that online communities have tried to give me or asked me to be part of, I've always felt some sort of resistance to really connect.

Is it because I'm just not good at maintaining contact via whatsapp messages, social media or other virtual ways of communicating? Am I becoming even more closed off with the rise of all these technologies that seemed to be designed to make live easier and connect us more? 

I don't know about you, but the way it makes me feel to really be in the same room or space with someone I love, appreciate or admire is just different from meeting virtually with that same person. It's all about the ability to really connect with someone on a physical level as well. The magic of actually touching someone while you're in their presence is really amazing to me; to be able to give someone a hug or just a pat on the shoulder or the back can make SUCH a huge difference!

How about you? Do you feel a virtual hug is enough for you to keep in contact with someone?

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