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Why is Ibiza a dream destination?

Why is Ibiza a dream destination?

Some people feel the need to go visit Ibiza for the famous DJ's, amazing night clubs, extravagant villa parties and luxury lifestyle, whereas others are more attracted by the spiritual journey that Ibiza can give you as well. The magic of Ibiza really depends on what you're looking for to be honest.

For me personally it all started back in 2011 when I felt the call to go visit the island and experience the spiritual side of it. I didn't know anyone, had no clue about the famous nighlife on the island and certainly didn't expect to fall in love with it as much as I did.

But to be fair, it wasn't love at first sight...

The first few days I actually experienced quite the opposite, I was not enjoying the island at all and was feeling very miserable and about to give up my adventure. But then I reconnected with what I know to be my best guide in life when it comes to making a decision: following my own flow. I decided to move to a different part of the island and let go of any expectations I'd created for myself. I started to relax and just surrender to the journey.

I discovered the magic that Ibiza holds for the people who need a change in their life, the ones that know every step you take today is a step towards the change you wish to see in your life. It obvisouly takes time, commitment and a lot of focus, but if you are willing to make the changes necessary, I've learnt that the island will help you create the dream life you're wishing for.

It's a journey I've experienced myself when I was single, but as a wife and a mom I've also had the pleasure of learning again what the island can do for you. It helped me design my own lifestyle, which has been the inspiration for the method I created to help others discover their purpose in life.

Whether your dream is to live on Ibiza at one point in your life or not, I truly believe each and every person could benefit from some of the Ibiza magic!



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